Why start a blog in 2017?


It’s 2017 and our society is oversaturated with information and people who are eager to pass it on to you. But how come that, despite all our information, our education, and knowledge, we are not exactly improving (I don’t like that word, but for lack of a better one, I’ll use this for now) as humans. Look around you; look at the people in your life: it’s messy, it’s painful, it’s awful and beautiful at the same time. Unless you’re some sort of super-human, the fleeting sensation we call life is a pretty tricky one to navigate through.

Why is that? No worries, I’ll spare you deep philosophical thoughts and laments. The bottom line is this: both on an individual and a corporate level, we have turned our ears and our hearts away from the words of our Maker. “The things that are made known belong to us and to our children forever so we may obey all the words of this Law,” said Moses over two millennia ago to the ancient Israelites.

Maybe one of the reasons life is so confusing and messy at times is because we don’t pay attention to “the things that have been revealed.” What are these things? At the risk of being called an interpretive simpleton, it’s the Bible. The Bible contains “the things that are made known.” To what end? To the end that “we and our children forever” would pay close attention to them, that is, to the One they reveal: the living God, Jesus Christ. Having recently become a father, I have a desire to help my child navigate through this life safely and as best as possible, being firmly rooted in the knowledge and enjoyment of our Creator.

The problem is that for many of us – Christians and others – the Bible and navigate aren’t exactly words that appear in the same sentence. If you had to choose an eight-letter word to go with Bible, it might be more like “outdated.” But is it? After all, it’s still the best-selling book worldwide. Well, this is where I hope that this blog helps you: I need help making sense of this life and I believe the way to get there is to make sense of the Bible first. To figure out what it means and to “store up [God’s] word in my heart” as one author of the Bible puts it. If you want to come along and learn with me, you’re more than welcome to do so!

So regardless of whether you consider yourself a Christian, a Sceptic, an Agnostic, an Atheist or one of the many other ans, ists or ics, I hope this blog will help you make sense of this book called the Bible and impact you for this life and, more importantly, for the life to come.

Grace & Peace



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