My Library

suitcase-and-books-1463301975CIhI like books. I don’t always like to read them, though. This may sound odd, but sometimes I just want to have books and don’t read them. However, whenever I do read a book, I try to read good books, books that are worth the while. And quite frankly, finding a good book on a certain subject can be hard. When it comes to books that help you make sense of the Bible, this is no different. Lots of books have been written about the Bible that I would recommend only to light a fireplace.

Having said that, I realize that I just set the bar pretty high for the books I read myself. But I believe that I have come across some pretty good reads and I would like to share those with anyone who is interested in giving them a try.

So be on the look-out for posts with the title My Library or the tag #mylibrary.

Grace & Peace


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