Words about verses: Exodus 2:1-10


The church we are currently attending recently taught through the book of Exodus. Just the other day, it dawned on me that the events surrounding the childhood and the name of Moses are in fact significant for the plot of Exodus and the Gospels. Bear with me as I draw a few connections centered around the one who was ‘drawn out.’

  •  Moses was drawn out of the waters of the Nile and thus saved from Pharaoh’s murderous servants. Israel as a people was drawn out of Egypt and through the waters of the Red Sea and thus saved from Pharaoh’s army (14:30).
  • Moses was hidden for the first three months of his life but had to be released when hiding him was no longer an option. Isreal as a people grew in the midst of the Egyptians until they reached the point where they had to be drawn out to fulfill God’s purpose (1:7, 4:23).
  • Pharaoh’s daughter saved Moses out of pity; God saved Israel out of covenant mercy (2:25).

These similarities between the life of Moses and the experience of Israel as a people help us understand a little better that the New Testament portrays Jesus as both the true Moses and the true Israel and that Jesus too was saved by God from affliction in his infancy, just as Moses as a baby and Israel as a young people (cf. Matthew 2). Thus Matthew rightly echoes the words of Hosea who said, “Out of Egypt I called my son.”


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