My Library: Jesus on every page


I recently got a hold of an interesting read from the library. A few years ago, reformed scholar David Murray published a book with the title, “Jesus on every page: 10 simple ways to seek and to find Christ in the Old Testament.” Having wrestled with how to find Jesus in the Old Testament for a number of years now, you can imagine how excited I was to finally get my hands on a copy of his book! Disclaimer: I do not receive anything from the author or the publishers for reviewing this book.


What’s it about? As the title implies Murray holds the position that Jesus is present in the Old Testament and he wants his readers to find him when they read the Old Testament. The book has two parts, the first being his own testimony of how he started to find Jesus in the first 39 books of the Bible and the second being a 10 chapter long walk through the Old Testament exploring various ways the reader can find and enjoy Jesus when reading the Old Covenant documents.

How’s it written? Murray writes this book in an easy-to-understand way and tries to avoid all too scholarly terms. He states that this book is for “the wider Christian public” and after having read scholarly books on the subject, I can say that he definitely achieved his goal. He also manages to include pastoral elements such as reflective questions, plenty of examples and suggestions for application. A feature that I found most striking was that he worships Jesus in the book. When reading his insights into the Old Testament and the many ways it points to and contains Christ, you cannot but get the feeling that his own heart is captivated by the Jesus he is writing about.

What’s in it for me? There are three reasons I think this book is an excellent read:

  1. Comprehensive: Many books on the subject focus on one or two ways to see Jesus in the Old Testament. For instance, one may find a book about typology and another about the pre-incarnation appearances of Jesus and still another one about Jesus in the law. Murray combines them all into one and offers his insights from studying this topic for many years. He takes the reader through the OT from Genesis to Malachi and offers a plethora of ways to see Jesus.
  2. Captivating: Not only does the author provide insight into the many different approaches to finding Jesus in the Old Testament, but he also looks at the subject from various angles. When talking about the Psalms, for instance, Murray not only mentions how they contain and point to Christ, but also that we get to know Jesus better, simply because those were the songs he sang himself. He even mentions that they glorify Jesus because the original worshipers used them to express their experiences with him.
  3. Readable: 200 some pages plus a few dozen pages of study questions make this book a very readable book! And the best part is, Murray summarizes a few other, more scholarly books while unpacking his content. So it’s like reading a bunch of books in one.

All in all, I suggest you better get a copy of this book! If you’ve never considered if and how the Old Testament might be a book about Jesus, it will blow you away. And if you are a seasoned veteran in this area, this book will be a delightful read that reminds you of the many ways why we can call the books of the Old Testament Gospel books.

Have you read this book? I would love to hear what you thought!


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