Welcome to Things Made Known. Here you are and you might be wondering how you ended up in this corner of the internet or what things are about to be made known to you. Well, simply put, this blog is about making sense of life. I believe this sense or meaning can be found in an assortment of 66 ancient documents that were written over two millennia ago. More precisely, I believe the answer is found in the One these documents make known: the living God, Jesus Christ. He is the one the Bible makes known, and he is the One we ought to know, treasure, obey and worship.

To do so, we have to start by making sense of the book that made our world. I don’t know if you know the Bible at all or not. However, most of us were introduced to the Bible at some point and in one way or another we have a certain relationship with this book that claims to be God’s word. Now, whether you read a systematic theology for breakfast on a Saturday morning or whether you think Christ is Jesus’ last name, my hope is this blog will help you make sense of the Bible and in turn help you make sense of this life – by getting to know him who is the life, Jesus.

What about me? Well, I guess the About page is where I should briefly say a few words: My name is Jan (pronounced like “yawn” in case you were wondering). I’m German by nationality, American by residence, and a follower of Jesus by God’s grace. I’m married to a lovely lady from Arizona and father to a wonderful baby girl. I have a BA in Theology from Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe. So there, that’s the gist.

Grace & Peace