My Library: The Tech-Wise Family

The premise of the book is this: Technology, that is, the easy everywhere attitude of the 21st century has gotten alarmingly out of place and is rendering homes and individuals characterless and without real wisdom for real life. In the worst instances, technology even contributes to tearing families and homes apart. The remedy: Put technology back in its proper place, just like everything else in life.

My Library: The Book that Made Your World

What is the greatest achievement of the Western world? How did education become a thing? What do monks and technological milestones have in common? How come Western cultures, in particular, consider some things morally worse than other cultures? What does the Bible have to do with hospitals? How did the Bible promote prosperity in the West? … Continue reading My Library: The Book that Made Your World

My Library: Top Two Reading Guides

After the intro to reading guides last week, I would like to introduce my two favorite reading guides (so far, it might change in the future). Disclaimer: I personally own both of these books, and literally do not receive anything for this brief review. Number One: Unlocking the Bible, by David Pawson. David Pawson is a … Continue reading My Library: Top Two Reading Guides